Argentine Tango Lesson – online

More than ever, we believe we need to keep on dancing and sharing our passion, with joy, trust, and solidarity.

The BEGINNERS TANGO SEMINAR will introduce you to the essence of tango. We’ll guide you through the basic elements while discovering, little by little, the magic of communicating within an embrace, using gentle movements. Even if you think you have 2 left feet, you will dance!!!

Our goal is to learn while we have fun. The classes are dynamic and with a clear methodology. The lesson will be recorded so you can practice whenever you want. We guarantee that by the end of the class you will be dancing. Let tango brings some sparkle to your home!

No need any dance experience.

To consider:
Ideally, we would need to see the full length of your body (from head to toe!). That way we could provide you with suggestions on your dance while you are practicing.

And of course, showtime at the end of the lesson!


Daily lessons ! Check availability! Want to join us in a different day? Time? Contact us and schedule it!

Contact us and book your day! Whatsapp+34 – 638 826 056 or


  • We use ZOOM to meet us online. You may use it in a tablet, phone, computer. Download it here. When you book the day, we’ll send you ID of the meeting so you can get it, there’s no need to register any user.
  • We can solve any doubt and assist you on what you’ve been working on Whatsapp / Telegram / iMessage+34 – 638 826 056

DONATION suggested: 10€/pax

We ask for a symbolic collaboration, if you want to donate a tip, you’re welcome!

On the other hand, if you’re not able to donate at all, don’t worry! We understadn these surreal days could affect our pockets. Just join us, share with your friends, and dance!

Bank Transfer:

IBAN ES91 1563 2626 3432 6655 3135 – BIC NTSBESM1XXX

Bizum: +34-647.61.09.61

PayPal: PayPal.Me/Tangobcn


We’re Paula and Jorge. Professional tango dancers from Argentina living in Barcelona for over 20 years.
We’ve been sharing our passion, first in Buenos Aires, now in Barcelona, for 30 years. We have our tango school in Barcelona and travel around the world sharing our dance.

We’d love to share the way we feel ‘tango’ and how it can change your days.

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